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Terminal 'Kowalewo'


Terminal 'Kowalewo'
Die Ausstattung des Terminals 'Kowalewo' erlaubt die Umladung der Klein- und Stücksendungen, Schüttgüter bei Fahrpark mit der Möglichkeit der Beladung oder Ausladung auf Autowagen. Das Terminal besteht aus Umladefronten:
Handling of loose cargo is accomplished with the help of 4 stands of cup vertical devices for handling cargo from special carriages with a bottom intake in relation carriage – carriage and carriage – car.

Handling various cargo is carried out on roofed ramps. Side ramp allows handling, loading and unloading of cargo from and to cars. The process of handling itself is accomplished by several forklifts with the capacity from 1,6 t to 4,5 t equipped with different accessories:
A part of the ramp is surrounded with a fence which enables storing of cargo.

Standort 'Kowalewo'